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September 17, 2017
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September 19, 2017

It is quite natural to try and maximize your profit when you are selling off your property. Therefore, a lot of people try to make the deal on their own. Well, that actually is not a great idea. While you are trying to save a few of bucks that would have otherwise gone into paying commissions, you are missing out on something more important.

Union City Real Estate

Union City Real Estate

It is always wise to hire a professional real estate agency like Union City Real Estate for real estate dealings. The expertise these professionals have in terms of negotiation skills, market access, and pricing are remarkable. And they can prove themselves to be value for money for their clients. Besides, a house that is listed “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) takes a lot longer to sell than those without this tag. And even if it does, it sells for a lower price.

Here are 4more reasons why you should seek help from a real estate agency –

• The Pricing – What attracts a buyer towards your property? A reasonable price! And believe it or not, it is the most important thing to take care of, if you are willing to sell off your property the right way. Pricing your house too high will make your buyers reluctant to buy your property and pricing too low will make you lose money. The real estate agents are experts in this field, and they know the right value of a property. Hence, they can help you come up with the most suitable price for your property.
• The negotiation – The work doesn’t end when you quote the right price. The real hassle is the negotiation part. Every sale goes through three phases – the initial offer (where the buyer makes an offer), the counter offer and the post-period offer. For a profitable deal, these phases need to be accomplished successfully. Not much surprisingly, only a good realtor is able to help you with these phases.
• The exposure – If you want your home to get maximum exposure in the real estate market, you need to hire a real estate agent. From taking care of its online marketing to preparing other marketing strategies, the agent will do everything that is important for giving exposure to the house.
• Smooth Sale Process – Having a real estate agent by your side is great because they help you go through a smooth buying and selling process. The agent deals with any existing problem or the ones that may arise during the process.

Hiring a real estate agent is not just a good idea, but also a smart idea. If you were unsure until now, the above mentioned reasons might help you making up your mind.

This article written by Gerard Stier.

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