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June 6, 2017
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What to Look for in Weehawken Luxury Apartments

There are lots of Weehawken luxury apartments on the market, and finding the right one will take a lot of time and effort. But with the help of the Gerard Stier Realty Group, you can find the best unit that suits your preferences and budget. Below are some of the things that you need to look for in a luxury apartment.

Aesthetics of Weehawken Luxury Apartments

One of the most important elements of a luxury apartment is its overall appearance. You should consider both indoor and outdoor design of the place. The appliances must be new and modern. And the furniture must go with the overall interior design. The entire building must be well maintained and clean. It is important that you do some research on the architecture of the building. You should also consider the view from the apartment. A good unit provides an unobstructed view of the area.

Amenities of the Luxury Apartments

Another thing to consider is the amenities found within the Weehawken luxury apartments. It is important to take note of all the amenities within the premises that include party area, swimming pool, and fitness center, just to name a few. The amenities will help enhance your lifestyle.

Available Storage Space

Storage space is a luxury when it comes to apartments. And when you are going to rent a luxury apartment, make sure that it has ample storage space. If you love shopping for clothes, then find an apartment that has a walk-in closet. It should also have enough space for old moving boxes and your cleaning supplies.

The Higher the Better

When it comes to high end properties, ceiling height is one of the top concerns. The higher the ceiling, the better. Instead of looking at the area of the apartment, consider the cubic footage as well. There are no Weehawken luxury apartments with a ceiling of just 8 1/2 feet. However, you might want to reconsider a unit with a low ceiling as long as it provides a great unobstructed view of the surroundings.

Security of Weehawken Luxury Apartments

It is also important to consider the security features of the apartment. You should look for at least a CCTV system or a doorman. You should ask the manager how the system is monitored, and if they respond to any issue 24/7. Some luxury apartments have an on-site security officer. You should also look at the reputation of the neighborhood and the building itself. Find out if the people living in the area feel safe or not.

Maintenance Charges

You should inquire about the maintenance charges before you decide to buy a unit. Some luxury apartments have high maintenance charges, which can burn a hole in your pocket.

These are the things that you need to consider when looking for a luxury apartment. Keep in mind that these are just the tip of the iceberg. Weehawken luxury apartments come with lots of extras that include covered parking garages, hot tubs, playgrounds, and a lot more. If you want to browse through a listing of luxury apartments in the area, visit

This article written by Gerard Stier.

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